Since 2018, SADEX has been developing its range and also refurbishing turbos with more than 150 car references, through 7 stages and 37 control points.
From the professional to the individual SADEX makes every effort to better serve you and meet your needs.

A diversified offer that covers all types of clutches.

Exchange-Standard through builders
Sadex is renovating a range of Echange-Standard clutches offered by French car manufacturers.

Independent replacement through SASIC

Sadex is renovating a range of clutches for the independent aftermarket VL and VUL multi-brand.
These products are distributed by SASIC

The "tailor-made"
Sadex has the know-how to renovate on demand clutches of:
- Vintage vehicles (DS, Panhard, Caravelle, 2 CV ...)
- Competition vehicles (R5 Alpine, 206 16S ...)
- Agricultural machinery (tractors, combine harvesters ...)
- Special machinery (forklift, shovel ...)
- Trucks (MAN, Berliet, HY ...)


An exclusive technique of clutch refurbishment:


- Old material gathering

- Sorting

- Disassembly

- Cleaning

- Renovation / control of components

- Assembly

- Final test


Rigorous renovation process

Renovation follows very strict specifications and 30 controls are operated at different stages of the process.

We have control machines made by the design office and maintenance, to obtain a quality closer to the origin.

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Clutches catalog

Find our full range of clutches through our catalog available in PDF format below:

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Trust SADEX for an "on demand" remanufacture

A proven konw-how to offer refurbished clutches with quality equal to the original product.

We are certified ISO 9001 / IATF 16949 to meet the demand of our customers, including French automakers and ISO 140001 certified for environmental concerns. 



Sadex operates controls of every step of the renovation process to ensure a quality equivalent to the original one. 


Quality controls at every stage of renovation through IT tools! 




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Certification ISO 9001 (2015) / IATF 16949 (2016) - exclusion : product design and development  
- Certification ISO 14001 (2015)

  A unique technique of complete kit remanufacture

- Dismantle

- Component analysis

- Micro balls cleaning

- Worned parts replacement

- Rectification

- Ant-corrosion treatment

- Assembly

- Final control on bench



Rigorous renovation process

The renovation process is rigorous: 8 stages and 30 controls are operated at different stages of the process.

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